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April 07, 2019

Hello, lovelies!
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April is already here to greet us with lots of colors and many new fashion trends on the rise. Although experimenting with various fashion trends can be fun, stocking on some of the more classical essentials can be a very good idea. If you want to refresh your wardrobe and brighten it up with some high-quality and stunning pieces, keep on reading. Today, I will introduce you to an online shop called Angrila and show you some of the best spring pieces they have.

~ Let's take a look ~

The first dress that caught my attention was this beautiful pearl pink satin dress. It looks gorgeous and is amazing for special occasions, simple long walks with your friends or even a date night with your loved one. I think this color is absolutely amazing. However, if you are not too fond of pink, there are more options for you to choose from. So far, they have this dress in pink, red, black, dark navy, watermelon (reddish color) and lavender (lilac). It has a gorgeous open back detail and a satin layer of fabric that ties around the waist and creates a beautiful bow at the back.
Price: $80.00

To take a closer look at this dress click HERE

This next dress is a gorgeous, off-the-shoulder lace dress. Honestly, if I were a dress, this would be me. I love the details and the fact that the sleeves and the top layer of the skirt are see-through, while the body itself is still fully covered. This is a perfect dress for a modern-day princess. Everything about it shines with elegance and a bit of playfulness at the same time. A lovely combination indeed. 
It is available in pink and black.
Price: $102.00

To take a closer look at this dress click HERE

Since short dresses aren't always appropriate for certain occasions, we can take a look at some of the maxi dresses that this store has for sale. I fell in love with this dress at first sight. It is breathtaking and I love how the pink is getting more intense at the bottom, while still being subtle and elegant. This is a perfect dress for a romantic evening or even prom! I love the one shoulder detail, it looks really beautiful. The piercing black belt gives the whole dress the needed balance. Overall, I think this is a truly beautiful dress.
It is only available in blushing pink color.
Price: $95.00

To take a closer look at this dress click HERE

Make sure to visit the site yourself and take a look at the other dresses that they have for sale. My style may not match yours, so it's always a good idea to make sure that you don't miss anything you might like. There is also a special section for wedding dresses, so make sure to check that out, too. Another great thing about this shop is that you can inform yourself on how exactly they make their dresses and you can even customize some on your own. Also, there is a sale going on at the moment! 
For all my dear readers from the United States, there is yet another surprise-

~Shipping to the United States is for free!~

Thank you for reading this far. I hope you enjoyed reading the post as much as I enjoyed writing it. Make sure to tell me your opinion on the dresses in the comment section down below. Have a nice day, everyone!


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    Hello Anna! (○^o^)/)) ☆ I loved the color and design of the dresses, they are cute and perfect to use the month of April.
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  2. Hi Anna! Interesting web. All dresses are beautiful.
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  4. I love the first dress!!! ♡
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