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May 28, 2019

Hello, lovelies!
This post is kindly sponsored by Dresslily.com*

We are already halfway through spring and I can proudly say that it was simply amazing. It is almost the end of May, so I thought 'What's a fun way to finish an awesome month?'. Well, of course, some good old shopping! Dresslily has a beautiful selection of clothing pieces for spring and summer. In this post, I will show you some of my favourites from the website. Most of you know how much I love online shopping - with just a few clicks everything is at your doorstep. However, always be cautious. Only buy items from the sellers you trust and you know are not a scam. I have previous experience with Dresslily, so I can say that they haven't disappointed me. The clothing material quality varies from piece to piece. It is better to aim for higher-quality options which can be found in this store. High-quality materials are the ones with natural fibres, good stitching and fine cuts. Examine every photo carefully, so there won't be any surprises. Take your time to read the description of every clothing items or accessory you decide to buy. Better safe than sorry! Dresslily allows you to fully preview the items before you buy it and it is always a good idea the check previous reviews left by other customers. I like really like this store and I can't wait to show you the pieces I picked out exclusively for this post. Enjoy!

Summer - long, warm days, icy cold drinks, amazing parties and chill nights... This season is just around the corner so let's make sure that summer 2019 is the best one so far!

click on the bold letters to view this dress

A casual, yet very beautiful piece for hot summer days.
Price: $22.34
Colors: Black, Pink, and Wine Red
Size range: S to XL

click on the bold letters to view this dress

For more fancy occasions, I recommend this beauty. 
Price: $28.96
Colors: Black, Red, Pink, Blue, and Purple
Size range: S to 2XL

click on the bold letters to view this bikini

Amazing for pool parties with your best friends!
Price: $17.66
Colors: Black
Size range: S to 2XL

click on the bold letters to view this top

A cute and playful statement piece for your spring/summer closet.
Price: $17.72
Colors: Black
Size range: S to 2XL

click on the bold letters to view this romper

A cute romper for summer parties and night-outs
Price: $20.60
Colors: Light Blue
Size range: S to XL

click on the bold letters to view these sunglasses

Spice up your outfit with some cute shades!
Price: $6.90
Colors: Coffee

click on the bold letters to view this hat

A cute detail for your amazing beach look
Price: $9.80
Colors: Pink

You can find these, and many other fashionable pieces on the website. There are many different items for sale, so there is a very high possibility that you would find something you like. There is an active clearance going on, so many of the clothing pieces and accessories have low prices. Check it out and make sure you get the items you love before they get sold out. 

I have one more surprise for you all!

A token of appreciation for all my dear readers
20% discount Coupon Code
enter DLGO20 at the checkout and get your items on 20% off!
($30-$6,$50-$10, $80-$16, $100-$20, $150-$30, $200-$40, $300-$60)

Thank you for reading this far. I hope you enjoyed the post! I certainly did writing it. Make sure to tell me your opinion about Dresslily in the comment section down below. Do you generally like the online store? Do you have any previous experience regarding this shop? Can't wait to read all your comments!


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